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Q and A

Q. Is granite, marble and tile expensive?

A Today, with the advancements that have been made in the quarrying, shipping and fabrication of stone, this is not the case anymore. It’ true that just a few short years ago, only the very wealthy could afford granite. But as a general rule, there is a wide selection of granite, marble, tile and other stones on the market with prices that are very reasonable.

Q. What are the benefits to having marble & granite?

A. Marble & Granite can withstand heat up to 1800 degrees. It can be used as a cutting board (it’s not recommended to do this, because it will dull your knives). For those who love to bake, marble & granite is the perfect place to work up your pastries. And with your stone counter top your kitchen will look as beautiful as the day it was installed, for lots of many years to come.


Q. Is granite porous? And what about sealers?

A. Granite is next to the hardest material to a diamond. Some granites are more porous than others but, all of our granite countertops are sealed during the fabrication process and then again when its installed. Rule of thumb, when the water no longer beads up, it's time to re-seal. For some that’ll be two years, for some it will be 4-5. It depends upon how much traffic there is on it.

Q. I have stone countertops, and a stone bathroom, how do I clean them?

A. When properly maintained, your granite tops will last a lifetime. Just use mild soap and water on regular bases. It’s that easy.

Q. Does marble & granite scratch easily?

A. No. Stone is a very durable work surface. It has proven itself over the years. Carbide, diamond or another piece of granite is the only things that can scratch granite.

Q. Are most stones dark-colored?

A. No. You can find marble, and granites with green, blue, yellow, beige, taupe, mauve, pink, peach, gold, red, black, gray and brown.You can also get a wide range of colors to choose from to match any decor and compliment any cabinetry.

Q. What is slate?

A. It is a fine-grained rock formed by the compression of mud and stone sediment.

Q. How many years can I expect slate to last?

A. The life span of slate can last forever. In India, there are lots of buildings over a 1000 years old. And they still have their original slate floors and roofs intact.


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